Chairman’s Message

This month marks the last of summer vacation and the beginning of planning for back to school. I travel to Delaware often to see my parents and I am constantly reminded that “less is more”.  I see it as I go through the toll booths and it doesn’t cost as much to visit family.  My state income tax has been the same for three straight years because Governor Hogan’s three budgets did not have a single tax increase.  In Anne Arundel County, I just received my annual property tax bill which is low and stable year-to-year.

“Less is More” continues August 13 through August 19 which is “Maryland Tax Free Week’. Qualifying apparel and footwear costing $100 or less, per item, are exempt from the state sales tax!  It is time to check out the sales advertisements because the less you pay, the more you will have for other budget choices.

One area where more is always better is ‘presence’. As the party for economic choice, we need to be active in our community.  The Central Committee has several areas where you can help now and make a difference.

  1. Did you know that the Young Republican National Convention is in Annapolis, Wednesday, August 2nd through Sunday August 6th.If you can help transport attendees around Annapolis, participate in a grassroots seminar ( or help knock on doors for the Annapolis elections this coming November, please sign up via the following link:
  2. The State Party needs help manning a booth at the Maryland State Fair from August 24th through September 4th. If this is something you can help with, please sign up via the following link:
  3. Finally, we need your help at our Anne Arundel County Fair from September 13 through 17th. Please sign up via the link ​ (​) and join fellow Republicans in spreading the word about our Candidates, Elected Officials and Clubs. Can I count on you to volunteer for one shift over those four days? This is a great opportunity to remind everyone that “Less is More”.

Wayne Smith

Chair, AAGOP